Thursday, 10. July 2014
07/14 A concept for the future: Sino-German Metal Eco City

Proposal for entrance gate to Sino Germany Metal Eco City.

The Sino-German Metal Eco City is located in the southeastern province of Guangdong in Jieyang City. With the Metal Eco City, an innovative industrial park will be created, which provides optimal conditions and structures for the most important processes of metalworking. The idea behind Sino-German Metal Eco City is the integration of the aspects innovation, training and production. SSF was invited to develop a design for the front gate. 

The conceptual design was made in close collaboration with Lang Hugger Rampp Architects (Munich). The cantilevering gate element is composed of an oversized steel profile which is twisted around its axis and positioned on concrete bearings.  It is a facile, well-balanced steel design which reflects with the national flags of China and Germany the spirit of the Sino-German cooperation.



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