High-speed railway line from Beijing to Wuhan Passenger Dedicated Line

Client MOR Ministry of Railway, China Preparatory Group of Beijing – Shijiazhuang PDL Company Ltd. (lot 1 and 2) Preparatory Group of Beijing – Guangzhou PDL Company Ltd. (lot 3) Preparatory Group of Wuhan – Guangzhou PDL Company Ltd. (lot 4)
Speed 380 km/h – ballast-less track
Total length 1200 km
Planning period 2009 – 2011
Construction period 2013
Services Qualitätsmanagement - Feste Fahrbahn


The applied system of ballast-less track is the Chinese Railway Track System 2, a development of the system Max Bögl used for the PDL Beijing – Tianjin. Approximately 75 % of the line are running on bridges, 20 % on ground, 5 % in tunnels.

The organizational form consist of joint venture with the Second Survey and Design Institute in Chengdu/China. The FQM includes checking suitability of the ground, on earth as well as bridges and in tunnels, as well as technical equipment in the context of using ballast-less track as substructure.