High-speed railway line from Nanning to Guangzhou - Yujiang Bridge, Nanning

Client MOR Ministry of Railway, China / SSDI = Second survey and design institute in Chengdu, China
Speed 250 km/h
Total length 494m = 37m+96m+228m+96m+37m
Planning period 2009- 2010
Construction period 2010 – 2011
Services Design consulting, comparative calculations for static and dynamic loads. Vibration analysis of cables, bridge deck. Use of dampers. Deformation and serviceability for high-speed traffic.


The continuous steel truss girder is supported by stay cables in fan-like arrangement. Pylons are of reinforced concrete as hollow sections. The height of the truss girder is 14 m and the length between nodes is 12 m. The height of the pylon above the truss girder of the main tower is 49.5 m while the total height of the pylon is 105.0 m.